So many people ask me: “Do I have to get online?” My answer is below.

3 Bad Reasons to Date On-Line

Do you have to online date? No, you don’t. A minuscule percentage of people meet their soulmate online while 80% of those who say they’re with their soulmate found them right under their noses. Here are three BAD reasons to put your profile on a matchmaking website.

1. Your friends tell you it’s mandatory. Your friends don’t know what is right for you, and online dating is not for everyone.

2. You are desperate & worried you’ll never meet someone. Try to wait until you’re centered to make such a decision. Nothing good comes out of desperation.

3. You think online is the perfect place for your touched-up photo & carefully crafted profile to land the love of your dreams. Please. While almost 90% of people on-line supposedly fudge their profiles with an old photo or misrepresent their age, being honest is a statement to the world that you are enough as is (and the quickest way to find your soulmate online).

Two GOOD reasons to online date?

1. To tell the Universe that you’re ready for love.

2. To see the abundance of available, appealing single people out there.

As millions know, attracting love does not require online dating EVER, but if you do so, do it for the right reasons and with the right energy.

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