Q: Kathryn, I’ve been doing a LOT of your manifestation techniques. Over the last two years, I have manifested three men into my life for a period of 3 to 6 months. However, after that, it either breaks down or they disappear. I’m working on shifting this pattern but every time I think I have made a final change, the outcome manifests the same way. Could you please give me some suggestions to change this?

A: The good news is that you’re not at Square 1 in your manifestation journey, so congrats for that. At least you’re manifesting SOMETHING.

But now, it’s time to refine, and I do suspect where you go wrong.

The easiest way to change the results you’re seeing and avoid any more heartache is to take a different path of action.

How? Use Step 4 in my creation process.

What’s the Step?

The fourth step to manifesting is:

Take Inspired Action

In this process, we are very selective in what we do but do take some sort of action

  • The Law of Assertion — where you take action that feels “effortful” and that you have to MOTIVATE yourself to do rather than be inspired to do it — fails every time.

I imagine you’ve been trying this to produce the disappointing results you’re getting.

  • As you know my work uses the Law of Attraction, and this is a very different way of approaching action.
  • The delightful thing about the Law of Attraction is that things tend to fall in your lap, so you don’t have to go to extraordinary effort to make things happen for yourself.
  • But . . . you DO need to do something. It is just a different way of doing.

How best to do this fourth step?

If you’re either a real do-er or a procrastinating perfectionist, you would do things differently than you have been.

  • For those who tend to overdo, making everything into too much work, inspired action means waiting a bit before doing anything. Sit on your hands and wait for the inspiration to hit. You’ll get more done in 2 hours than you would have in a week if you wait.

And what you do and what you attract will be vastly different. This is not far-fetched from the Law of Attraction.

  • For those who are procrastinating perfectionists, ruled by fear and therefore needing lots of reassurance and data before making a move, it’s best to do SOMETHING. Even doing something imperfectly is better than staying where you are.

From what I understand, you met all the 3 of the disappearing guys while forcing yourself to date online and get “out there”.

That approach is filled with a bit too much fear, and clearly, you didn’t wait for the inspiration or you would not have produced such hurtful results.

But rest assured that it is all a learning process, and you still have every chance to meet the love of your life, who would not disappear for anything. This implies that you have to use the Law of Attraction appropriately.

This hot guy will stick by you and wants to seal the deal with you for life!

HOW TO TAKE THIS STEP: The key to Step 4 of my manifestation process — inspired action — is to pay more attention to your emotional state. Seek to feel good filled with faith and wellbeing and as you do, the inspiration will strike for you to go somewhere or do something. As you take inspired action, it feels good and easy with no too much effort involved; simply the Law of Attraction at work.

Example: A student in a course I was teaching was a member of the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Club. She would go to every party, any singles event and was on FIVE online dating sites. She was exhausted and often was in a very low energy state with all of these activities.

Like you, she had dating disappointments, one after another. She completely changed what she was doing by concentrating on feeling good and scaling way back on all the activities she was doing. She only went out or went online when in a good mood. It took around 3 weeks for her to meet the guy she is now living with, randomly at a smoothie bar where she got the inspiration to visit as she sought to take better care of herself. This is simply what the Law of attraction can get you.

– If your intention is love, inspired action looks like acting from a place of faith and high self-regard. As you do, you turn your magnet on very strongly for the love of your life and nothing else.

– If your intention is money, inspired action is taking steps based on a strong sense of your value and also with trust rather than desperation (which is a repellent).

There’s much more to this step, but these tips can get you started toward your own miracle; learn to use the Law of Attraction

I bless you for changing things up and looking for the inspiration before you act. As you do, it’s a whole new ballgame where love will land in your lap.

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