The WAY you date is the single biggest factor between you and your soulmate.

Dating badly can keep you in limbo – with no soulmate and all kinds of drama, rejection, frustration and heartbreak.

Not dating at all usually means you’ve shut down out of fear of the process. That’s understandable if you’ve dated like most people do: a pretty excruciating ordeal.

There is a very simple way to date effectively for your soulmate & nothing less. It is a dating method that tens of thousands of people have learned from me to produce the love of their lives in record time. This kind of dating is easy & fun and QUICKLY leads to your One.

Below I outline 5 Drastic Dating Mistakes:

1. Putting too much pressure on one date. If you build your hopes with each date, it can get in the way of your enjoyment of the person, create awkward exchanges and crush your hopes when it doesn’t work out. There is a different way of dating that is even-keeled, long-sighted and can actually make it fun. 

2. Rejection Thinking If you look hard for rejection and take a blow each time it doesn’t work out, thinking that you’ve been “dumped,” then you are interpreting badly. There is no rejection, only the wrong fit. Your soulmate will be better than anyone who supposedly rejected you. In the meantime, you are putting yourself through needless drama for no reason.

3. Not Using Your “Power of Veto” Dating is a process of selection, and every single person knows this. You don’t need to feel guilty if there’s no chemistry for you. And you don’t need to settle for someone unavailable, unfaithful or just not right. Saying “no” is the first step to what you want.

4. Making It a Numbers Game Many think if they kiss 100 frogs, they’ll find their prince. They go through the motions to up their odds for love. The truth is that there are no odds. When you date spiritually, there is no random chance. There is only dating for your soulmate, a technique that eradicates dating drudgery completely and effectively pulls your One to you quickly.

5. Elevation Most who do my work end up with someone so hot to them that their biggest issue is learning it’s not too good to be true, accepting their good. There is a tendency to put people you find attractive on a pedestal and think they are out of your league. When you do this in dating, you count out the people most likely to be your soulmate. You need to learn an egalitarian method of dating, in which you see yourself as good enough for anyone (true).

Ready to find the One?!

Love & support,


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