Q: Kathryn, I’ve read a few of your books about attracting and magnetizing my soulmate to me. But I don’t know what to expect the gender to be. I like men and women. More so women (and I am female as well) but I am definitely bi, not lesbian. I can be with guys too. But at first, I assumed it will be a girl but … What if my soulmate is a guy and I pass him right up? And when I write out what I want in the relationship and his/her attributes.. how do I specify the gender? I’m really confused about this. Since every person has this one soulmate, well…. How can I know if my soulmate is a male or a female?

A:  I sense in your question a bit of fear – that if you don’t get this just right, you may miss your soulmate.
Nothing could be farther from the truth – you WILL meet each other, and this is not random chance.

Here are some points to help you with this issue:

• Each person has someone they’re meant to be with. You can’t miss them and you will be drawn together.

• Gender preferences are irrelevant. The attraction process works whether you are gay, straight, bi or anything else. So using what I teach when trying to be gender neutral in your affirmations is fine (what you said is fine): (s)he or him or her.

• You don’t really need to know ahead of time which gender your soulmate will be if you like both. Just be open and it will become apparent. Love is love and it will become obvious as you go forward with someone.

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