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Ready to find the One?!

Date for Your Soulmate Do-at-Home Course


From: Kathryn Alice

Tuesday 6:00 p.m.

Dear one,
Are you fed-up with casual dating? Are you SERIOUS about dating differently for YOUR SOULMATE?

This do-at-home program has gotten mindblowing results. I’m excited to share this information on an effective, quick journey into love. I want SO much for you to unite with your One!

This course with take you through a deep & proven process to:

  • reprogram your mindset about dating
  • to connect better
  • raise your point of attraction
  • and easily bring on love for you

You’ll be guided through a journey to love that makes dating fun & effective.

Keep reading for more details on this technique that removes the drama, the rejection and wasted time from dating.

I’m blessing you for getting over the dating hump and into the arms of your soulmate quickly!

Love & support,

to become irresistible in your interactions

This 4-week do-at-home course is for a select group who are ready for soulmate love and ready to date for this purpose.


  • Learn to do a “partial release” to date more fluidly even if you’re unsure about someone you’re currently seeing to stay open.The partial release technique is magic in bringing someone to you who is on the fence or who you fear you have lost.It gets rid of any anxiety, sweating each email or phone call.This technique has worked for many to expedite the course of the relationship into commitment. If you are dating more than one person or want to remain open while unsure, this technique works wonders as well.Partial Release opens you to a whole new easy world of dating
  • Adapt a much more attractant outlook on dating that will make you irresistible. It makes you immune to things that in the past have slowed or even stopped your dating progress
  • Abandon any “script” that repels what you want. If you are unknowingly exuding an energy that pushes people away, teaches people to disrespect you or pass you over, you will get rid of that script in this work and assume the script you CHOOSE that will get you what you want
  • Discover how to avoid being tagged as a “booty call”, falling into a “friend zone” or onto someone’s B or C list of dates
  • Learn the 3 Levels of Attraction and why you will NEVER attract the love of your life at Levels 1 and 2
  • …and more..!
As you undergo the activities and principles Kathryn teaches you, you will not believe how fast things will change as you enter a whole new world of dating that feels like magic with you being more popular than you ever imagined.
“Kathryn, thank you! You have been a gift to my life. After following your soulmate creation process, within three months I found my husband. Your words are so right on the money. You say that when you meet your soulmate he/she will only have eyes for you and that you can’t make mistakes with your soulmate when dating, both of these were amazingly accurate insights. Kathryn, your unique loving approach is powerful and accurate which is why I refer all of my clients struggling to find men to your work. Thanks for all you do.”

Marna Thall – Sarasota, FL

Set a STRONG INTENTION backed up by POWERFUL tools to date for the Love of your Life!

This course is tailored to those SERIOUS about dating for their soulmates as well as for those who have been stymied by dating or have felt blocked from love
  • There is a lot of dating advice out there, and most of it is working at the wrong level to bring you soulmate love
  • If you focus on INCORRECT strategies, you’ll be stuck where you are or worse, manifest a relationship that is NOT with your soulmate
  • In this course, not only will you get CLEAR on which level you need to inhabit, you will learn how to do so and will practice maintaining soulmate level WHILE INTERACTING during these unbelievably transformative four weeks
  • As our wall of weddings shows you, this technique works like nothing else you’ve ever experienced
  • It will get SO GOOD for you so quickly, you will never look back

Make This YOUR Time of LOVE!!

  • Not only will you learn the secret to achieving a Soulmate Level of Attraction — which results in your pulling in the interest of an entirely different level of person but you will also learn how to maintaining that level while interacting with someone “hot” to you — that person most likely to be your soulmate
  • This process cannot be denied and is tailored for those who are serious about welcoming in love, those who have been blocked or delayed, or haven’t dated at all in a while
  • Discover the 3 most common dating missteps & avoid them
  • Undergo a process of learning to date for your soulmate that is very different and has proven highly effective for even the shyest or most tongue-tied single. This process will change your whole experience of dating
  • Be guided through that tricky time when you meet someone new into a commitment. This process has worked for thousands who successfully sealed the deal!
  • You are going to have a lot of fun, which is a big component of soulmate love!
“I did all the things you said and asked for everything that I wanted. I have now met this man and he is exactly what I asked for. I kept repeating, ‘you’re normal, I can’t believe it.’ Rick is so easy to talk to about everything, and he feels the same about me. He is different from all the rest. I am 54 years old and have never been with any man like this one. He has come over and started fixing stuff in my home without even being asked. He lives three blocks from my house. I finally gave the card I had bought a year ago to Rick this morning. We both had chills. It seems too good to be true, but it IS true, and I’m having to get used to that. Well, I’ll stop gushing but I am forever grateful to you and your insights.”

Lynne Reynolds – Los Angeles, CA

“Words can never express my gratitude for your work, Kathryn. It was like a huge light went on inside of my head! I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing – it was everything I needed to hear and I knew it. I did the journaling and did each one of the exercises – hoping – they would do as you said. Besides the birth of my children, calling forth my One (& now husband) has been the most amazing experience of my life. It’s amazing what you do!!! Thank you SO much!!”

Amy E Mossman – Schmidt Delavan, WI

And There's MORE:

  • Master a surefire way of connecting that even the most shy person has used to connect to someone she had a crush on and was tongue-tied around for miraculous results. It’s a very different approach that once you learn it, will have people vying for your attention
  • Hear real life cases of those like you who have had bad, even frustrating dating experiences who overcame them using this effective dating method
  • Gain the one quality that EVERY single person finds attractive. This is how you become IRRESISTIBLE
  • No longer make the Biggest Dating Mistake and shoot yourself in the foot unknowingly
  • Activate a Super Power in your dating life. This particular mindset change changes everything for you and ensures you are more skilled and stronger than anyone you know in the dating process. This Power ensures that you can walk with no more pain, hurt or delays into the arms of the love of your life
  • Create a powerful template for love inside of you — even if you’ve never seen a great relationship in your life nor experienced one yourself — to ensure that love HAS to come to you. It’s how you end up the happiest one of your friends and family and become the PIONEER in your circles of what a happy, soulmate relationship looks like
  • Ensure that your love life history — no matter how dramatic, painful or frustrating — is left behind and has no influence over what you experience NOW in romance. This secret is what allows you to get rid of bad love patterns once and for all
  • Learn the one thing you need to hear that will make your faith soar out the roof. It will change the way you look at love, what you attract and your ability to manifest forever
  • Use a technique to keep yourself in focus and centered throughout the dating process. While you can’t skip dating, you can make it an easy, enjoyable time in your life. Even when you hit a bump in the road, it will not have the ability any longer to get you off track
  • Connecting 2.0 – once you master the basics of how to overcome your shyness and deeply connect, we take this process another step so that you become amazingly socially adept no matter how hard socializing has been for you. You will be more skilled socially than 95% of the population!
“Absorbing your teachings and doing the meditations helped me get through issues I was having in attracting my soulmate. I’m now married! My now husband and soulmate Dave and I were married in a private ceremony. I couldn’t be happier! Even our dogs and cats get along wonderfully. Dave and I are different of course but have so much in common and I can communicate so easily with him. We share several of the same passions including surfing, love of animals and the environment along with just being happy cuddled up at home with a good meal followed by a movie. We both feel we’re a team and I know our relationship requires give and take but it just seems so much easier to get along with him then with other men in my past. Not to mention of course the ‘crackling chemistry’ which I did have at the top of my list. I’m so happy to be with Dave and look forward to all of our future anniversaries together!”
Kellie Welsh – Orange County, CA


  1. One 90 minute Learning Module for each week that includes one step in this four step process, Q & A, exercises, examples and case studies
  2. Detailed class notes with visuals to enrich your learning with each module
  3. Homework each week to implement the dating process Kathryn will teach you
  4. This class “forces” you to connect in an irresistible way at a level that ensures soulmate love as you date. Exercises will hone your practice so you are at a very different dating level
  5. A different guided meditation for each week that will line up the parts of you that may subconsciously be sabotaging your dating results. These meditations are a KEY to changing your energy & aligning all parts of you to attract your soulmate

BONUS: An extra 5th Module for the Course Wrapup and a Followup Program to keep you on track

I'm holding a strong intention with you that you become one of the tens of thousands who have done my work, manifested & have to constantly pinch themselves to be sure their life is not a dream.

SPECIAL: Bonus Course Available ONLY During This Current Offer

The 3-step Target Dating Process ensures that you no longer spin your wheels in dating or go through frustrating hurtful experience. TARGET DATING will lead you right into the arms of your One.


ABC Method of Connecting Class –

  • A simple approach to interacting with people you find HOT
  • Become an expert at making contact with those most attractive to you, which are most likely to be your soulmate
  • This technique has worked on even the most shy person to be able to connect and start dating people she used to be intimidated by and couldn’t even look in the eye!


Emotional & Social Bonding Course –

A step-by-step guide to making a bond & creating chemistry with the one you want. Get him or her hooked so much that they want you and only you.


Vulnerability & Dating Report –

Learn how your vulnerability is your strength and let go of any walls that keep love from you.


From Meeting to Engagement & Beyond Course –

Learn to navigate easily from meeting to going where you want to go in the relationship without pushing or any fear whatsoever. You’ll be in a commitment quickly and engaged in record time! A magical technique that accounts for the engagements and marriages with those who feared it would never happen or felt stuck.

These valuable resources are not available for purchase on their own.

Nothing Will Have the Power to Hold You Back as You Do This Work!!

Date for Your Soulmate: a 4-Week Do-at-Home Course

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2-Pay: $245.54 today ($245.54 in 3 weeks)

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About Kathryn:

Kathryn Alice is author of the instant bestseller Love Will Find You. She has taught internationally in over 50 cities on 5 continents. She has helped tens of thousands of people find love. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, The New York Times, AP, The Daily Mail, BODY+SOUL, Parade, USA Today, Los Angeles Magazine, and on Montel, NBC, & The Aware Show. Kathryn has a degree from Vanderbilt University and directed Agape's Crisis Support Team for 6 years. She has been married to her soulmate Jon for more than 20 years and they have 4 boys.