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Thousands Have Used This Process to Reunite with Their Love

I know exactly how bad a broken heart feels. And how it is to miss and want someone so bad that you’ve lost.

I know what it’s like to weep uncontrollably in the shower every day… thinking it’s too late and you’ve lost him for good

You can’t stop thinking of him. Wondering what he is doing. Craving the sounds of his voice

No matter how hopeless it seems, you have every hope to get him back. The bond you had was not for nothing – it’s more powerful than you know, no matter what is going on now or what broke you apart.

I can help you as I’ve helped thousands of others heal a broken relationship.

You can get him back, but you need to know what you’re doing. Most people do the wrong thing. And make things worse.

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You Can Get Your Ex Back

I’m bestselling author Kathryn Alice, and I want to help you. My track record for helping exes unite is unmatched

Right now, I want to show you how to start pulling your ex back in right now…
… to make him miss you, want you, crave you
… to show him that you are the one for him, the one who he is meant to be with…
… and to turn it around until he is begging you to let him, to be in his arms again

If you him to come back to you, to plead with you to take him back, keep reading because we don’t have much time
If you wait too long, the connection there just below the surface will start to fade
…he is more likely to move on, to another woman
…and the memory of you will dim

But if you pull the trigger on what I’m about to tell you, things will start changing immediately

He’ll be calling again, texting you, and the romance is back on
You’ll be shocked at how fast his attention to the other woman wanes as his focus comes back to you

Here’s What You Need to Know

For us to get you back in his arms, here’s where we need to start.

1. Right now, your judgment is not good, muddied by emotion, attachment and drama. It’s way too easy to do the wrong thing and sabotage the relationship further until you know what you’re doing.
So we need to change what you’re doing entirely and do something new

(Never fear – I have a step-by-step process that has worked for thousands that we can use. It’s based on research and works like a charm)

2. Healing this relationship needs to be a deliberate, centered process. It didn’t wreck itself overnight, and so we can’t fix it overnight

If you can accept that, we can create a better bond than you have ever had before, stronger and healthier.
Not only do you get him back, but gone are the lies, the fights, cheating – anything that caused you guys to break up. This will all be in the past.

3. We need to plant seeds right way – from here on out – to start pulling him back in. The bonding starts immediately, and he won’t know what has happened. He just suddenly is thinking of you again in a positive way, with longing. The romantic feelings return. The bond you two shared haunts him. Along with the passion, the friendship.

This is where you have the home team advantage, and if you do this right, it doesn’t matter if he is deeply involved with someone else. He won’t be able to imagine staying with her over you.

  • Luckily, you don’t have to figure this out. I’ve already put together a process that has worked for thousands of women, happily walking hand in hand with their one-time-ex after a hard break-up.

    This process works immediately, even before your next interaction with him. In fact, he may call out of the blue after six months of your not hearing from him. That has happened with so many who do this process.

  • Something changes. His feelings warm back up . . . he’s texting, calling, wanting to see you.
  • And as you continue to follow this system, the passion and romance are back on.
  • Listen, I’ve worked with those with relationship issues for almost 20 years, and directed a crisis support team for 6 years. I’ve worked with those suicidal over a break-up, and we worked it out for them.
  • I know exactly how to fix a broken bond, bring back the passion and romance to get you your happily-ever-after.

    How did I develop this system? How have I helped so many people get back with their exes?

Years of working with those in horrible break-ups helped, seeing what worked and poring over research. But I've managed to break the code so that you know exactly what to do, how to communicate, how to pique his interest again and subliminally get him thinking of you nonstop.

I've discovered the exact way to plug into rebonding you need to do to get his desires focused back on you. This easy method is the key to your success.

​Once you know what to do, you trigger the process and watch everything turn around... 
The reward of watching a heartbroken woman in tears find hope again, wipe her tears away and get busy pulling her ex back in has been amazing.

I developed a thorough step-by-step method to help women attract her guy back to her, seal the deal and create a better relationship than ever before.

Anything that I’ve ever seen that purports to help women heal their relationship with their ex forgets once single factor.

In fact, I’m not sure most “experts” even know about this. As someone who has dealt with it for so many years, I know about this factor, how to use it to get him back and stay back.
This factor is why you have the advantage because you’re his ex – it’s the home team advantage.
Once you know this secret factor, you can use it so powerfully, that your ex simply cannot resist you. He won’t know you’re even trying to get him back, but his feelings for you flood back and make him powerless to fight off wanting to be with you again.

As you do the easy steps that tap into this secret factor, he will be begging you to take him back.

That’s The Best Part of My Methods…

The best part of my method is that instead of your having to chase him or jump through hoops for him (which never really work anyway), you turn on a magnet to attract him back

  • he will show up at your door without your lifting a finger
  • he will be working to get your attention
  • he will be begging you to take him back
  • . . . and he’ll do anything to make that happen

With my attraction method, you will bypass his warning system or any resistance he has to getting back together

You won’t be making any advances at all. The process is more subtle than that

He’ll think it’s his idea to want to reunite

He will be the one doing the heavy lifting of trying to win you back

It’s not hard, but no one knows this method, which is born from research and much experience…

Anyone can call themselves a love expert, but what is their success rate?
Do they have a wall of weddings that they made happen?
Do they have years of mental health experience and vast experience leading a crisis support team?
(Many of the worst cases we dealt with during my many years of directing crisis support were divorces and break-ups. That was my earliest realization of exactly what brings an ex back. And it worked every time and still does)

This is why my method is so popular

It’s the secret ingredient to my process: I’ll walk you through stealing past whatever walls he has built up against you, any resistance he has to you straight back into his heart.


This is not hard to learn. It’s quite teachable and it’s something anyone can learn. But it’s based on current research and a time-tested process I invented so you have not heard about the method I use.

People literally gasp when they start learning. It’s the opposite of what you would probably usually do.

People do try to copy this process, but much of it is unknown. You’ve never heard of this.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Why using my patented process (in which you recover, rebond with him, get him addicted and begging to commit) is absolutely key to him envisioning a future with you for the rest of your lives
  • How you can ignite his nostalgia, use your past to imprint on him in a way that has him longing to be with you again and recapture the magic. This is so subtle yet effective, you do very little to trigger his longing
  • How to find the fine line between not being needy while continually deepening the bond you have created with him. Most people get this wrong and it shoots them in the foot every time.
  • Learn why he may have never considered getting back with you, and the secret way you can get around any resistance he may have
  • The easy way to make other women look less attractive to him and have him focus on you, daydream about you, beg you to see him
  • Discover the things you need to never mention again if you are serious about pulling him back in
  • The critical next move once he begins reaching out to you – a proven result of this process
  • What to do to fan the flames of his desire for you, even if he’s now seeing another woman
  • The one thing you must never do again, especially during the critical beginning of your rekindling. This will ensure you’ll never get back together, if you make this mistake

…and there’s hundreds of other proven methods you can use right away to see instant results to ensure you spend the rest of your life with this man


This is just a brief overview of the powerful process that works

There is so much more!

At this point, you’re probably aware of how effective my process is… And you may be wondering how much the program costs

Don’t worry, it is not expensive.

Do ask yourself… How big a priority is this? Do you feel he’s your One? Do you really have feelings for him?

If the answer to those questions is “yes”…If this is the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with, growing old together …

…then price is not the issue.

You cannot let him get away at any cost

If you wait and that opportunity goes away, you would probably give anything to have that chance back – to get him back

“What if” ‘s are the absolute worse. I’m not a big believer in regrets

If you end up losing him, you will kick yourself, wondering if you could have done or said something that would have made all of the difference, pull him back in, have him begging to spend your lives together

I realize that despite everything you’ve read so far in this article, you may still have doubts.

I understand – there are so many bad programs out there these days, bad advice that doesn’t work

But, do you remember early in the article, when I said that I’d guarantee my program would work for you?

I guaranteed that by following my program and applying my techniques, you’d be able to pull him back in, be wildly in love again  

…I was serious

I’m very sure that my program will work… Will provide you everything you need to rebuild your life with your ex, be back in his arms, in love again…

And I would love for you to try it. I want to help you!

So, here's my guarantee to you: you get this program, follow the simples steps I lay out for you
If, after following this process, he's not coming forth to you, begging you for another chance....
If he's not pleading for you to take him back, if you two are not more in love and more solid than ever as a couple . . .

We’ll Refund You 100%, No Questions Asked.

Though you will be chomping at the bit to do this work since your initial results will be good, no rush: you’ll have 2 months (ample time) to dive into this process and watch him perk up, come back around and begin building a relationship with you

Yes you get 60 days to see the results and with just a couple of clicks, you can get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied

I may not have mentioned that not only do you get the course, but you get audio, video, notes, a couple of easy processes, and detailed instructions on what to do and not to do to get him back. Bonuses ensure that the relationship lasts, goes the entire distance this time and you enter into a functional, lifelong, never-ending honeymoon relationship – the one you always wanted with him

This process is something I’ve streamlined so you see results immediately with a couple of strategic steps. It’s easy, spelled-out for you and has proven effective over and over again with customers and clients

So answer this question: if your ex showed up in front of you now and asked to reunite with you . . . promising that things between the two of you will be better than ever . . .

...but said it would cost money, how much would you pay to get him back?

$500? $3000? $10,000?!

If he’s your “person”, then you would come up with that money one way or another, wouldn’t you?

The good news is that this product will not cost your life savings. It won’t even cost the $500 that most of my courses go for.

Normally, this product is $500... and I’ve had hundreds of women tell me that my courses that are even more than that are worth every penny and thousands in coaching were worth it, too

But I want to help you and very much want you to try this program and see its effectiveness. I do not want price to prevent you from trying it

My accountant balked at the $150 low cost for the program. But I told him it was still too much. So . . . here’s the jawdropper. It's even less than that!

Yes, that's a one-time payment of $89.95... In exchange for an effective system that's proven effective for thousands of women from all over the globe who got exactly what they wanted: to be reunited with the guys they want.

Reminder: The money back guarantee of 60 days means this is risk-free  

Purchase it, get going on the material, watch the results and I know you’ll be very excited with the immediate changes you’ll see

You’ll know what to do, start pulling him back in and keep going until you’re back in each other’s arms

However, in the event it doesn’t work out, click a button and we’ll refund you... No questions asked, no trouble and no fees whatsoever

Now that I’ve removed the risk... And offered you the lowest price I can without it breaking the bank . . .

Let’s put aside any excuses and get going. Every minute you wait is another minute that your ex may be connecting with another woman

If you click away from this page now and say “Let me consider it”, that’s okay. Just be aware that time is ticking and your chance to get him back is open only for a short period.

He’ll gradually let go emotionally and you will be a memory with another woman in your place.

If this is important to you, if you worry you will never find anyone better, you need to act now, not delay it

It’s all downloadable, so you don’t have to wait for shipping. You will get the program immediately and you can dive in, even if it’s the middle of the night and you’re sleepless, thinking about him.

You can take the steps, go to sleep and by the time you wake up, you may be hearing from him . . . even if it’s been a while with no contact

I get so much amazing feedback about how immediate this work is (one woman chased me down at a conference), and if you’re like most women who’ve done this, you will be amazed at how easy it is to grasp what I ask of you and how quickly you can get going to see results

If you can listen to a short audio and read English, you can make this program work for you

I know you may be cautious about putting your credit card on the internet, but rest assured, we go through a certified, secure system and honor your privacy entirely

Thanks so this system, your info is encrypted and I won’t see your credit card information.

So since it’s a risk-free purchase and a process you can dive into immediate that will make all the difference, isn’t it worth it to find out if this is your ticket back into his arms?

If you miss this chance, you’ll never know if you could have gotten him back.

Click the button below to order the program and you will have immediate access to the process and can dive in to get going right away

When you click the button to order, you’ll get a summary of what you’re getting and how to take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee, too
So that’s the summary. Do email me should you have questions. I may easily have failed to mention something.

Thank you so much for finding my website. I’m blessing you for living the life you want – in the arms of your ex in a relationship for the ages, where it’s an endless honeymoon, functional, fun and secure. Wild horses could not drag him from your side again. 

 Yes! I want my ex back. I want the Get Him Back Program with its audio, video, step-by-step instructions and a slew of bonuses!

 Yes, I also understand that if I'm not satisfied within 60 days of adding this exlusive package, I can e-mail for a prompt refund. No questions asked!

 I understand that this information will give me the best chance possible of getting my ex back.

 I understand that my payment will be processed, the world's leading retailer for digital products. My purchase is 100% encrypted and secure.

Love & support,

Kathryn Alice

p.s. This is the best chance you will ever have to pull your ex in. This program is famous for its effectiveness. It works. But if you have any questions about it, do email me at I will answer any question you have.

p.p.s. Remember that this is guaranteed to work or your money back.

p.p.p.s. Right now is the time to act. The sooner you do, the more chance you have of getting back on track with your ex. This is clear as I can make it