I want to tell you the story about a woman I worked with recently and how we turned her around

Let’s call her Nora

Nora came to me at age 47. She is around 5’5”

She thought of herself as ordinary

She dresses for comfort over fashion or trying to be sexy, had never been married and was very shy and soft-spoken

One coach she spoke with wanted to make her over

But she felt so uncomfortable with starting to show some cleavage and trying to be something she was not

So she was super glad to find me since I teach about the power in accepting who you are and owning it

Her looks and attire easily make her go unnoticed

And that had been her experience up until the time we began working together

She was also worried about her age

She’d been so busy with her career that she did not concentrate on finding love and never thought much about trying to doll up

Rather than change anything about how she looked, we concentrated on a technique that studies show over and over again is highly effective in changing results

It is the most powerful modality in therapy

And by reprogramming her in this way, she started seeing results within days that were different

She practiced while waiting in line for coffee or in the elevator at work

Nora was shocked at what happened

And in fact, she had to get used to the effects this new technique was having

She used what she was learning to get a tall, handsome guy at the supermarket to stop his shopping and carry on a 20-minute conversation with her

He was well-dressed in a suit, looked like he was on a break from a high-powered job and yet he put everything on hold to chat her up

It was like she set a spell on him

He was looking and talking to her like she was the only one in the room.

He insisted on getting her number so he could text her

He made a date with Nora that weekend

She kept using this technique she learned and could not believe when attending a party that Friday night how many guys buzzed around her

Nora had never had this phenomenon before

She gave her number to one guy at that party, too

She dated both the party guy and the tall businessman from the grocery for a few weeks after

She also saw even more handsome guys being attracted to her using this new technique

But she really liked the tall businessman the most

And he is crazy about her!

The upshot is that now she is in a committed relationship with her “supermarket guy” as we jokingly called him

He has given her jewelry, sent her flowers and cannot get enough of her

It’s the first time in her life that she has had this happen

So what did Nora learn?

She learned the most powerful tool you can use without changing anything about yourself

And I taught her how to correctly and powerfully use this tool

Most people who have been frustrated at love do not know this tool

They think they have to change the way they look or act to get and keep someone hot

Because that’s what we’re taught by everyone

It’s not true

As soon as you learn this tool, you also will have a different result

It’s no wonder this man kept talking to Nora and couldn’t stop

I guarantee, if you use this tool, you’ll have anyone you want wrapped around your finger, too


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