During this time when social distancing is not only suggested but being enforced in many areas, it can seem to halt your search for love

I know if you’re single, you may be soul-searching, lonely and realizing you need to get serious about finding love

Luckily, there is a way to enhance your love life during this time and accelerate your passage into the arms of your soulmate

Here’s how:

1. Research shows that if you go slow and don’t get physical too early it’s better for your love life.
Getting to know dates from a distance through calls, skype, facetime, texts and emails can be more effective
In fact, studies also confirm that people feel more intimate and disclose more virutally – not in person.
Stay in touch with any love interest now. Communicate regularly, find new ways to interact and seek to bond virtually for now
And if you’re not online dating, it’s a good time to do so. Strike up a few conversations online and take them to skype or phone as soon as you can (to avoid catfishing)
I have a feeling you’ll get more responses than usual, since people are not nearly as out-and-about as usual

2. Do some inner work!
As so many I’ve worked with have learned, you don’t get very far in your love life until you’ve:

• done some soul-searching
•healed some past wounds
•got rid of some past bad patterns of thinking
•released some detrimental beliefs
•evaluated patterns of behavior that have not been effective
• and come up with a better love life strategy than whatever is not working

There is no better time to dive into that work right now, while you have extra time at home

3. Extroverts. Though I’m an introvert (and this quarantine-like existence is our default: lol!), I have worked with a bunch of extroverts
And what I see is that extroverts start crawling the walls if cooped up away from the world for too long
And yet if you’re a hard-core introvert, you have to balance out and learn to successfully be alone. It makes you less needy & therefore more magnetic.
And more self-sourcing can attract a better relationship
So as an extrovert, it’s a golden time to work on this, and you probably have no choice
You can get through this and grow from it.

Right now you can further your love life in ways you might never otherwise accomplish

Let’s not go forward in fear, but in faith. Let’s find ways to use this time for your goals, to regroup and make some inner gains

I’m here for you and will continue to write to you on this subject. And put out some videos

I’m going to figure out a reduced-priced online course to help you use this time to make leaps & bounds in your love life

Wouldn’t it be something if the best time of your romantic life is facilitated by a time when you can’t really be around many people?

That’s entirely possible! I’m blessing you for emerging from this time with flying colors, finding a way to even enjoy it and not giving in to the fear that is rampant

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