Q: Kathryn, how can I believe in soulmate love when all I see are unhappy couples struggling and also divorce? I’m not married but right now, many of my friends are either in the midst of a divorce or in a bickering, miserable relationship that I would never want

I know I don’t want that. I don’t want to ever have to get divorced. And I don’t want a husband that I fight with all of the time

I’d rather stay single than any of that! Please tell me how to keep hope when I have no idea that soulmate love could really exist when I see all of this happening around me?

A: We need to work on changing your perspective. When you have that idea – that relationships are really not that great of a thing to have – then you will get evidence to support it, unfortunately

So we need to reframe it for you with a better belief and then look to get it backed up

A belief to have that will help you is this (a great affirmation to memorize in your case:

A relationship with my soulmate is EASY, harmonious and never ends• When you are with your soulmate, it’s the easiest relationship you’ll ever have (so none of your past experience or what you see around you is relevant

• And it’s not even remotely hard to stay together
• People that you are seeing around you in unhappy relationships have never experienced soulmate love
• They settled before they met their true soulmate which is why they’re divorcing or bickering
• If you really want the love of your life, you’re going to have to decide that this is not true for YOU
• Otherwise, you’ll keep finding evidence to support this bad idea of relationships you have, and be unable to produce the love you want

I’m so lucky that with what I do, I only see happy couples around me. Those I work with plus most of my friends and family are in soulmate relationships that are easy, harmonious and long-lasting 
And yes, many of these unions are due to my work or influence

So remember that love is possible as are really good, soulmate relationships

I’m sending you my love & support for getting the love you so want & absolutely deserve!

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