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Get over a breakup, divorce or romantic attachment, clear your heart path AND call forth your soulmate with Releasing a Person, Finding Forever Love, and Manifesting Love together. Save $$ on CD's or digital downloads with two bundle options!

RELEASING A PERSON - A Process That Will Heal Your Pain

This recording is based on the popular “Releasing a Person” workshop that thousands have used to recover from heartbreak. Many have also used it for a dating tool to break a painful attachment or get over someone with whom it’s not working out. Kathryn has even had people use this process to release someone who has died or a painful grudge or thought. It works the same way.

  • Let go of a romantic attachment, a breakup, divorce or death
  • Release the pain of this attachment
  • Finally get over this tie that holds you back
  • Find your true source and be free
  • Conscious letting go of the person you’re releasing
  • Wisdom, tools and a guided meditation that is highly effective
  • Set yourself free and make sure that your field is completely clear for your soulmate

"I am releasing as I write! I loved your tape. I think you are amazing…thank you so much…you have given me hope again."

Susan Hartzler

"I feel 10 lbs lighter, my back is loosened, I feel free and ready for the new year, and the love of my life."

Ali Brown

FINDING FOREVER LOVE - 7 Steps to Attract the One

This recording fills in the space between “Releasing a Person” and “Manifesting Love”. In this newly-released recording, Kathryn reveals 7 steps specifically to help people line-up with their true path to love. If anything is possible in life (and we believe this — Hope you do, too), then why would you settle for anything less than full-on, soulmate love? Take these steps and you’ll be next!!

  • The REAL SECRET to uniting with your true love
  • A method of attracting love that has worked for thousands
  • A short concise ‘quickstart’ guide to a magical “calling in love” process
  • Start magnetizing love to you within moments of beginning this book

"This work is priceless. I found my forever love, we got engaged and then married within a year. Now, I've just had my second child. Without Kathryn's system, none of this would have happened for me. I am eternally grateful."

Barbara Culkin, New Jersey

"I took this workshop and met my One a few months later. We are now married. Kathryn was right and I just can't believe how well this worked for me!"

Orna Banarie, Los Angeles

MANIFESTING LOVE - A Powerful Process to Love

This recording makes available for the first time the “Manifesting Love” workshop that has helped thousands to bring in their soulmates. It sets a powerful intention of opening up your life to the love you long for in your heart.

  • Manifest your soulmate
  • Break down barriers you have to accepting love in your life
  • Release your fears of being close, of being hurt
  • Call forth love with this powerful process
  • Wisdom, tools and a guided meditation that is highly effective
  • Bonus meditation for daily use

"Kathryn Alice walks the walk. She changes lives with her clear, intelligent message of love, inspiration and joy. You will be provided with practical and imaginative tools to date with fun and ease, until you meet your perfect match. I did!"

Laura Summer

2 Compact Disc Combo Package

Price: $35.00 + shipping

Double Download Package

Price: $35.00

Triple Download Package

Price: $45.00
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