Kathryn Alice

Online Dating for the ONE

Included below are audio files in MP3 format and readable/prinable documents in PDF format. You can access each file to view/listen to online and/or save to your computer. Be aware that a few of the bonuses are URL web links which you must click on first to access before attempting to download.

Click to access/open the links/files directly. You can right-click (control-click) on the MP3 & PDF files and choose the “Download As” or “Save As” option. Then you will see a dialog directing you to complete each download respectively. Please have patience when downloading as the audio files can be large.

All of the pertinent files for this program are included below. Be aware that some of the links that are within the “Notes” files may not be active. Still, the important files are here. Also, the online forum that is mentioned is no longer available. Bonuses and Extras are listed toward the bottom of the page.

Online Dating for the One – Week Eight