How many times have I heard someone say “I’m ready to give up” or “I just can’t do this any more” in regards to their love lives? Pretty regularly. I know it can be hard when your love life seems to be a “dating desert” or when you’ve been on your 15th disappointing coffee from

You just don’t have any more energy for getting knocked down again. No one does it for you. And if you meet someone interesting, they’re either married or indifferent. Meanwhile, you’re kicking yourself for screwing it up with your ex, because (s)he may be the best you can ever hope for.

None of this changes the fact that you get love. There is someone looking for you right this minute. Here are 3 reasons why you need not despair.

1. Remember it’s a process. Every dissapointing date, every minute you’ve got a vacuum where love can come in (which can look like feeling lonely), brings you closer to love. Does a 1-year-old put their head in their hands and weep when they fall down for the 20th time in their quest to walk? Not usually. They just try again. You’re well along your journey to love, so get up and keep going!

2. You get to be happiest. If you have waited a while for love, you’re the one who will never take it for granted when it comes. You held out for the Real Deal, your One, and it will be worth the wait. You didn’t settle. And it will pay off as you pass everyone you know in the love department.

3. Love can happen in an instant. For all you know, you may meet someone today or tomorrow. Love is not like a career where you experience a steady progress to success. You go from 0 to 90 in a single second. One minute, you’re alone and the next minute, you’re giddily in love, making plans for a life together. So, no matter how bleak it may look at the moment, it can and will change quickly.

Besides all of the above, despair can delay your progress, and we don’t want THAT, right? So, chin up! You still have every hope for love, and I support you in remaining open and positive.

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