Soulmate level is the place you want to be in your energy & in your expectations to attract the love of your life (and nothing else). Once you open to it, the fastest way to manifest is to keep it at that level. Many of you who write without instant manifestation have reverted to old ways, where soulmate love is less likely to happen.

Here are tips on how to stay at Soulmate Level:

1. Stay hopeful. When you first are exposed to my work, you get very positive about love. Unfortunately, friends can naysay you into doubt again. Or your own pattern of negativity may reassert itself. Continue to find tools to stay upbeat about love and you will remain a powerful beacon of light for your One.

2. Continue to release anything that has blocked or delayed love from you. Likely culprits are an old love you’re hanging onto, limiting beliefs about romance or a pattern of self-judgment. If you’re done any of my work, you know how to release. Keep re-releasing until any delay is gone.

3. Don’t look too hard or do backflips for soulmate love. If you are trying to be everywhere to increase your chances for romance or doing soulmate exercises to the point of exhaustion, you are working it to the point of disconnect. Be mellow, do what is fun and remember there are no odds about soulmate love because it is not random chance that brings you together. It is a magnetization that cannot be denied.

4. Quit digging up that plant! For most who do my work, soulmate love shows up out of nowhere. One minute it looks like a dating desert, the next minute you are happily in love. So if you bothered to go by “appearance” and got discouraged because nothing had shown up yet, you wasted your time. In fact, you can shoot yourself in the foot by digging up the plant too early to see if it’s blossoming. In others, making an assessment that it hasn’t happened and concluding it won’t is counterproductive because you get discouraged. Better to see with the eyes of faith, notice how positive you remain and conclude that change is happening on the inner NOW and love is on its way to you.

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