Q: Kathryn, I’ve heard you talk about this before, and it applies to me.

I have a fear that somehow I’m left out of love.

I cannot stand when people ask me, “why are you not married?” thinking it’s a big compliment, which makes me feel worse.

It’s gotten so bad that I just skipped a friend’s wedding. I’m happy for her but just feel so frustrated and jealous.

I know that’s not honorable, and it tears me up to admit it, but I could not face it.

Please help! I know this frame of mind will repel love. What can I do to get over this secret fear I have?

A: I’d say around 90% of people I work with who found love using my work all had this fear.

I’m known for helping the holdouts — those who can’t find love easily — to connect with their soulmate.

And there’s a secret to it. It’s easy once you learn it, but it’s pretty hard to summarize it here.

But let me give you a hint — you mentioned this in your question

You are repelling your soulmate

As long as you doubt yourself, you cannot possibly turn the magnet on.

We must get you up to the Soulmate Level of Attraction.

At that stage, you put out a signal that pulls your soulmate to you very quickly.

For some, this has taken only seconds.

A lot of other dating material resonates at the wrong level, even when it sounds good. And that stuff is destined for failure.

At the Soulmate Level of Attraction, you feel hopeful, you walk in who you are and you connect well.

None of this is hard to learn. I’ve taken even the shyest person and shown her how to do it.

So you can, too.

So my answer is that it’s NOT YOU, it’s just what you’re doing. And it can be easily fixed.

I hope you’ll sign up right now for my upcoming free class “Pull In Your Person” where I’ll reveal how to apply this process for instant results.

It’s the same process that every single person on my wall of weddings used.

I bless you for finally getting the love you so deserve — you’ve just been doing it wrong, and it can change quickly.

I’m sending you love & support for just that!

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