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Roseann Burke Reichert

“Kathryn’s program came just in time, and then it all happened: my soulmate, our engagement, our marriage, magical honeymoon and our children. I am so grateful for this process!”
Barb Culkin, New Jersey

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Jennifer Baez

As Seen In

“I did each one of the exercises – hoping – they would work as you said. Attracting my One (& now husband) has been the most amazing experience of my life. It’s awesome what you do!!! Thank you SO much!!”
Amy Mossman-Schmidt, San Francisco

“Within a few months, I met my soulmate, got engaged & we married. We now have a child (born when I was age 42). I would not have felt worthy of this before. Words can never express my gratitude.”
Leslie Anderson, Los Angeles

“Kathryn, thank you! You have been a gift to my life. After following your magnetization process, within three months I found my husband. Kathryn, your unique loving approach is powerful and accurate. Thanks for all you do”
Marna Thall, Florida

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“I met my soulmate after doing this program, after many years of being single. It has changed me more profoundly than I ever dreamed of. We are now married, and I’ve never been happier.”
Edith Blue Pepples, Boston

“It worked! Thank you.”
Denise O’Brien

“This work got me through issues I was having in attracting my soulmate. I’m now married! We were married in a private ceremony. The crackling chemistry was at the top of my list, and we have that in spades. I’m so happy to be with Dave and look forward to all of our many anniversaries together”
Kellie Welsh

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Jess Sanders

“I have never been happier. It worked!”
Jennifer Gaynor Yakor, Venice, CA

“Before I met Kathryn, I thought I had to settle. What Kathryn taught me is that we are all precious, including ME. I have met my soulmate and we married. Thank you, Kathryn!”
Rena Gordonson, New York

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Penny Herman

“I am so grateful for this work. It gave me the love of my life, after many failed romances.”
Catherine Yerly, Los Angeles

“I did the process, and she came right to me.”
Steve Viglione, San Diego

“It worked! Thank you, Kathryn”
Aisha Lloyd, Philadelphia

“At 54 years old, I have never been with any man like this one. We both had chills. It seems too good to be true, but it IS true, and I’m having to get used to that. Well, I’ll stop gushing but I am forever grateful to you and your process.”
Lynne Reynolds, Orange County